(Sample #2) Causes of the nocturnal behavior of Cats


Cats are good observers, and they own nocturnal behavior. Mostly wild cats hunt during the night time, but the domestic cats can develop much of this behavior even though food will be readily available for them. The main reason behind this nocturnal behavior of cats is that they sleep during the day time and get active at night. The latest research shows that even cats develop sleep patterns. They wake couple of times during the night time as well. Find out the reason that are cats nocturnal or not and if yes then why they develop such habit.

How to change the cat’s habit

There are many ways which help to change the cat habits; you can also take the help of the shelter from where you got the adoption. Following are the tips which prove to be beneficial for your cat.

  • Try to keep your cat wake by providing toys and using the window perches, always play with your cat during the evening time or before bedtime.
  • The interactive toys increase curiosity and encourage the playtime.
  • Provide comfortable and a warm bed for your cat.
  • Do not feed your cat first time in the morning.
  • Let your cat ask to be fed and provide a great meal before going to bed.

Are cats nocturnal? If your cat persists in behaving similarly, then consult the vet for the irregular behavioral changes.

Punish never hard for wrong behavior

If your cat acts irregularly then instead of encouraging your pet, you need to punish it. However, the punishment must not need to be too harsh but be aggressive or loud just invoice to show your anger. Never reward your cat for the disturbing behavior.

Adequate exercise

A proper training is essential for your pet. It helps to keep the regular sessions which will make your cat active and let them play interactively. Search internet for the training of your pet. You will end up searching various creative ways.

Daytime activity

Being an owner of a pet, it is your duty to provide all the necessary equipment or toys to your pet so that it keeps itself engaged. If your house is quiet during the day time or your pet is all alone then the daytime activity is a must. Feed the cat and use a food dispensing toys. This will help you pet to developmental as well as physical stimulation.

Manage the environment

Managing the environment for your pet is essential. During summers provide proper shelter and keep your pet hydrated. Never play with them under the sun or never encourage walk during the afternoon. Some breeds do not persist too much high temperature. Use ice cubes to keep the water fresh.

Do not punish your pet for digging because they keep themselves cool on ground. Provide a proper shelter to them. The doggie boots during summer prove to be very efficient. However, the cold wraps also play a vital role.

Understand the behavior

By keeping a pet means you have accepted it as a member of your family. It is your duty to understand the behavior of your cat. You cat may develop some random patterns but stay consistent with it. Do not be over aggressive with it if you want long term relationship.

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